Jeans are those comfort wear that can be worn with anything anytime, making them impossible to ignore and a favourite for all. So no matter how much you love chilling in those sweatpants, jeans for women are an essential bottom wear and the holy grail of dress up.


There are jaw-dropping variations in jeans which can be paired with a top or blouse and instantly boost your confidence.

Must-Haves Women’s Bottom Wear

Read on further to learn about a few timeless and must-have types of jeans bottom wear for women, which will help you to increase your style quotient effortlessly and instantly.

1- Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are considered to be every woman’s wardrobe staple piece of bottom wear. The simplicity and versatility of skinny jeans make them an essential clothing item for every woman’s closet. 

Skinny jeans are popular for their tight-fitting silhouette, which fits throughout the leg to your ankle. To a few, it may get mistaken as leggings, but these jeans are usually most stretchable and comfortable for you to slip into them effortlessly.

The simplest way to wear skinny jeans is by pairing them with a solid T-shirt. It’s the chicest look worn by women when they must be ready in no time. Then, you can pair it with a flip-flop, and you are ready to go!

However, if you want to style it differently, forget the basics. Instead, go wild with pop colours, blazers, heels and boots.

Pair skinny jeans with bold coloured and designed tops. You can also wear a shirt to transform your casual look into a chic one. It adds sophistication to the outfit and can be easily worn to the office. 

2- Joggers Jeans

Wearing tight, body-hugging clothing every day can suffocate too much. Fortunately, joggers are here to solve the issue and let you feel liberated with style!

Jogger pants or jeans are the most simple, comfortable, yet stylish type of woman’s bottom wear. These are closely related to your workout pants, but their versatility and style set them apart.

Joggers may be too casual to be worn everywhere. However, velvet joggers can be worn anywhere with a graphic or tunic top and a stylish pump to give a sexy look. 

For a denim jogger, dress it up with shoes and a classic solid-coloured tee. You can also wear a denim jacket or a plaid shirt over it to add definition to the outfit. Finally, accessories it with a watch and bracelet; you are good to go! 

For a classic street style look, pair a black jogger with the same colour sweater tucked in. Wear a dark shade of lipstick with an oversized tote bag to give a chic look. 

Pair your printed joggers with a crop top or sports bra to give a bold look or layer it with a shirt to look chic. Finally, enhance the look by wearing ankle-length boots or pumps. 

3- Boot cut Jeans

Bootcut jeans feature flaring from the ankle and a longer pant style. These are a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe as they provide comfort and style more than skinny jeans ever would! 

Pair your medium wash boot-cut jeans with a graphic or embroidered T-shirt. 

Wear this outfit for a simple, everyday look when you need to go out with friends or to run errands. 

Glam up your boot-cut jeans with high or wedge heels, sandals or ankle boots, but for comfort style, it with high-top sneakers or regular canvas shoes.

Accessorise your look with a crossbody bag or clutch and a nice pair of sunglasses. 

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