Footwear for men is a significant part of men’s wardrobe. Men like to accessorise their look with the right kind of footwear. They can go with sneakers for men, shoes for men, flip-flops, or slip-on.

Men’s footwear is having some new trends now. So, know what to wear and how to stand out with your collection of footwear for men.

Sneakers for men:

Most men are fond of sneakers nowadays. Sneakers for men have a blend of coolness and comfort in them. They encourage you to go casual yet stylish on the streets or at parties.

Here are a few varieties of sneakers for men to choose from.

Basic Sneakers:

The fabric of these sneakers is either canvas or leather. They come in solid colours. Basic sneakers are pocket-friendly and long-lasting.

Sports Sneakers:

Sports Sneakers for men have a premium look in the silhouette. It brings a classy edge to you. If you are athletic, grab a pair of white sports sneakers today!

Velcro Sneakers:

If you are someone who hates to tie your sneakers, go for a velcro sneaker. These sneakers have an adhesive strap instead of laces, which saves you time. Velcro sneakers do not offer a formal look. They are casual and affordable.

Shoes for men:

Men often find them under the lens when it comes to shoes. Shoes for men are an absolute staple for men’s wardrobe. It is hard to find a man who has not used shoes ever.

However, picking the right colour for your shoe gets a bit tricky in the morning rush. If you think that you ace any outfit with the same black shoes, you are wrong! Choose from a variety of options for shoes for men.

Here are the basic colours of shoes for men.

  • Black shoes for men:

Black shoes go well with formal occasions in most cases. No doubt, they are the classic choice for any office day. Black shoes for men look best with white shirts and bold coloured ties.

  • Brown shoes for men:

Brown shoes for men set a less formal tone. They have a sharp look that bears an alarming appeal. Brown shoes for men work best with dark blue and beige-white trousers. It upholds your fashionable and charming persona.

  • Tan shoes for men:

Tan shoes give out stylish and casual vibes. They are great for your summer look when you prefer to dress light. Tan shoes for men are perfect for any cruise trip. You feel light and relaxed in dark blue jeans and sharp tan shoes.

Flip-Flops for men:

Flip-flops set a very casual tone for men. Flip-flops for men are great for relaxing your mood. They are best for informal occasions.

They are commonly known as slippers and are worn at home mostly. Unlike other footwear for men, flip-flops have a loose grip on the feet. It makes them comfortable to wear after a hectic day at work.

Slip-on for men:

Slip-on for men is hugely popular today. Men love slip-on for their ease of wear. Slip-on is a bit less casual than flip-flops. The fabric is of suede and leather. Though they are easy to wear, there are a few tricks for styling slip-on for men. Try to buy slip-on in black and brown only. If they have a tailored fit, wear them with blue socks to have an edgy look.

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