Some people might not be aware of this, but there are many subscription boxes out there for a large variety of interests. These subscriptions will send you items based on your preferences, and each time it’s something new. Visit to see more.

  1. Loot Wear – A subscription box that sends you new items every month based on your age, style and location. You can sign up for a monthly or a yearly membership to Loot Wear, and it comes with free shipping.

A Loot Box of loot wear is when you have the freedom to choose the items inside the box. If one item is too small or not what you want, you can leave it out of the box and get another one that you like instead! This is the best subscription for contentment because it gives surprise at no cost.

  1. Sock Dreams – A subscription box that sends out new designs on men socks every month from around the world. Its fun to see what is new and when a sock subscription box comes in the mail, you will want to play with them as soon as possible. And if you are buying these for someone else, it’s a great way to get them for free.

Sock Dreams is a subscription box for everyone who loves socks. Whether it be for yourself or someone else, this subscription will provide you the socks of your dreams every month.

  1. Handmade Charlotte – A subscription box that sends out handmade items from artists from all around the country. The items inside can be anything from jewelry to home decor. Each box is $35 a month and come with a cute little card explaining the items.

This is a subscription box for anyone who appreciates handmade items and loves to support small businesses. It gives you opportunities to explore new products and purchase them for just $35, which is very reasonable for what you get.

Now you have the three best subscription boxes that the entire world can enjoy. It’s easy to sign up, and each box provides a surprise when it comes in the mail.


These three subscriptions are unique in the sense that they all cater to different interest groups. However, they all give the same general sense of excitement: receiving something new and exciting after signing up for them. For those who love surprises, these subscriptions are ideal as you will keep getting them every month/year as long as you want. The best part is that they don’t cost much either.