The fashion industry has long been driven by the expectation of beauty and exclusivity. Media, magazines, and Photoshop perpetuate this notion and have made curvy female models a necessary part of commercial fashion campaigns. However, in recent years, the industry has made great strides towards embracing the body type that women naturally possess. In fact, curvy models have become the norm rather than the exception. Listed below are some famous curvy female models.

Jocelyn Precious

Curvy models have been gaining popularity in recent years. Jocelyn Precious has perfect body measurements that make her a desirable model. Her bust, waist, and hips are all within acceptable ranges. Listed below are her body measurements and how they compare to other models. Jocelyn has a height of 5’10” and has curvy arms and legs.

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Precious Lee is an in-demand model. She has appeared in countless fashion magazines, including American Vogue. In September 2015, she was featured in a Lane Bryant ad campaign declaring that plus-size women are as beautiful as the rest of us. She became the first Black curve model to appear on the cover of American Vogue. In 2016, Precious appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated, where she was viewed by over 50 million readers.

A curvy female model is a plus size female model who promotes body confidence. She has a plus size of 102-79-106, which is considered a size 106. Jocelyn Corona has appeared on the cover of Love Magazine and has been featured in the swimsuit section of Sports Illustrated. She is an inspiration to other curvy women, as she promotes self-love and a positive mindset. She is active on social media, posting behind-the-scenes pictures and stories about her modeling career.

Olivia Campbell

There is a new star on the plus size fashion scene: Olivia Campbell. She’s a plus size model who’s been gaining popularity on Instagram. This curvy beauty is also a social media star, and has already been selected by a number of brands to be their social media promoter. In the future, she plans to make appearances on various fashion magazines. Olivia is 5’4” tall and weighs 74 kg, and hails from London, England. She is signed to several modeling agencies, including Bridge, MSA, and DE Curve.

This curvy model is an Instagram star who’s incredibly candid about her size. She’s open about her curves and flaunts them proudly on Instagram, and she has worked with several magazines and agencies. She also supports plus size diversity in the modeling industry by speaking out against the lack of plus size women in the industry. Olivia Campbell is a plus size model and a mother. She redefines the definition of a plus size model.

She was born and raised in the United Kingdom and has a fan following of more than 194,000 on Instagram. She has modeled for various fashion brands, including Shein curve, Dollskill, and Lovely Wholesale Official. She is represented by Bridge Models Great Britain, Curve DE, and MSA Curve New York. If you’re interested in modeling and want to be one of the curvy girls, Olivia Campbell is the right model for you!

Ashley Alexiss

The curvy female model Ashley Alexiss has earned a following not only through her modeling career, but also through her many social media platforms. She is a brand ambassador for Starwear Bikinis, Single Eyewear, and Pink Lipstick Lingerie. She has also starred in many music videos. Despite her curvy body, Ashley Alexiss is a positive role model and advocate for body positivity.

Although Ashley Alexiss is a plus-size model, she is actually a psychologist by profession. Had she remained in her chosen field, she would have lined up her patients to discuss their emotional problems. Instead, she chose a career in the plus-size modeling industry, and is now enjoying worldwide fame. A curvy female model can be seen posing in anything and everything, including outfits that are totally inappropriate for her profession.

Ashley Alexiss is a 27-year-old plus-size model. She has an enviable body and is happy to show off her beautiful curves. She has collaborated with many famous linen brands, and is known for her appealing and elastic forms. Her Instagram account boasts of more than 1 million followers. And with a net worth of $1 million, Ashley is a successful curvy model.

Although a plus-size model like Ashley has gained fame from the media and her social media platforms, she has faced a lot of criticism for her curvy body. While many women still feel self-conscious about their size, the fact is that curvy female models have been in the spotlight for quite some time now. With an extensive following and a steady stream of new fans, Ashley Alexiss’ career will only continue to grow.

Jessica Leahy

In a new documentary, Jessica Leahy interviews five curvy female models. She calls her work Project WomanKIND, and she hopes it will change the way we think about body image. In her interview with The Cut, she also explains her own journey in the fashion industry, which she credits in part to a change in attitude about her own body. The film is directed by Leahy, and you can see it here.

As a plus size model, Jessica Leahy is no stranger to controversy. She has faced sexual assault on a train, and she’s now known as an advocate for body image issues. Jessica Leahy is also the founder of the Womankind project, which helps women who are uncomfortable with their appearance. Despite the media attention, she continues to work as a model while also running a non-profit organization called WomanKIND.

Chloe Marshall, an English supermodel, made history when she won the Surrey Beauty Queen contest in 2008. She became the first plus size model to qualify for Miss England, a prestigious pageant. Her story also helped spread the message that women can look beautiful regardless of their size. After winning Miss Surrey, she went to New York, where she worked for many major fashion companies including Ford Models, Lane Bryant, and Torrid.

Denise Bidot

Curvy female models like Denise Bidot have taken the fashion industry by storm with their unretouched bodies and strong personalities. Born in Miami, she is the daughter of a Kuwaiti father and Puerto Rican mother. Denise has starred in numerous campaigns and TV shows and has received a lot of criticism. She has advocated for diversity in the fashion industry and worked hard to empower women to love their bodies.

While Bidot is proud of her curves and knows how to accentuate them, many celebrities do not, and tweak their pictures to create an unattainable illusion of women’s bodies. Her followers, however, have appreciated the authenticity and beauty of her photographs. While a lot of celebrities try to give the public an unrealistic idea of the shape of a woman’s body, Bidot remained unaffected by the criticisms and embraced the realism.

Known for her striking looks, Denise Bidot began her career as a makeup artist before breaking into the modeling world. Her ramp walk at New York Fashion Week made history; she was the first plus-size model to walk the runway for two top-notch brands. She subsequently appeared in photoshoots and completed modeling gigs for a variety of brands. She also won several awards for her work, including two MTV Video Music Awards.


Iskra is a British model with a plus-size figure who is famous for her unretouched body photos. She gained a lot of fan base online after posting these pictures. Her success story is a great inspiration for everyone and should help them realize their dreams. Women shouldn’t let society’s standards stop them from achieving their goals. She is an icon and role model to curvy girls.

Iskra Lawrence, a curvy British model, is fighting the battle against unrealistic beauty standards. The model, who made her runway debut last September for Chromat, has been hailed as a body-positive inspiration for women. Her recent posts feature side-by-side photos of herself showing off her stretch marks. She also refused to allow photographers to Photoshop her pictures. Iskra is one of the curvy female models that will continue to make a difference in the fashion industry.

Although Iskra has a large plus-size body, she is still an icon in the fashion industry. Her first modeling agency had axed her due to her hips. Her unretouched pictures have since become very popular on social media. People have commented on her photos and admired her courage. In 2017, she became an official Aerie brand representative. And this hasn’t stopped her from reaching her dreams!