Having perfect colour combinations for men is very difficult. Just like there are some classics like the black kurta pajama, there are other colours too that a man must have. One can have many kinds of colours in chinos.

Chinos are a versatile option that can solve all of your fashion problems. They are versatile and the only trousers that can be worn with a blazer, overcoat, casual shirt, formal shirt, or t-shirt.

To be ready for any occasion, it makes sense to acquire a few pairs of chinos in a variety of colours because of their incredible adaptability. Whether you want to experiment with bright, pop colours or stick with the usual neutrals or just get a black kurta pajama, This is the time of year for a great deal of experimentation. In the winter, your colour options are limited, and in the monsoon, you run the risk of ruining your best outfits. Therefore, we advise you to make the most of this season and not to hold back! Stop putting off your ambitions of becoming an Instagram influencer. Once you have mastered the art of matching the colours of your clothing, like getting an all-black kurta pajama or a monochrome outfit, you can continue to set the standard for your friends.

Therefore, the following is a comprehensive guide to the various ethnic and traditional attire for men, ranging from formal to informal, that can be worn for various events or ceremonies in India.

Let us have a look at the must-have colours!

  1. Black Kurta Pajama

Having a black kurta pajama is a must for men. One can wear the black kurta pajama during a function or just casually. A black kurta pajama is a classic in the all-black colour outfit a man should have, and hence, you must have a black kurta pajama with you.

  1. Shades of Powder Pastel Pink

Pink is no longer regarded as a feminine hue by most people! Now, every man would concur that there are times when they prefer pink to their girlfriends.

The best colour combinations for a men’s dress are pink and grey.

  1. Go Green

Green has surprising adaptability and is an excellent addition to your wardrobe. The right shade is the key to achieving the look. Some of the colours that look the best on men are olive, khaki, and dark green.

  1. White and Blue 

What happens when two hues that stand for tranquillity and newness are combined? You get the ideal summertime colour combinations for your clothing!

This season, styling goes beyond what your eyes like; It’s also about what makes people feel at ease around you, and these two colours do just that!

  1. Must have Beige 

Beige pairs well with light hues because of its soft colour. When paired with crisp white, blue, or tan, it looks especially chic. Simply be aware of the tone of beige you’re wearing, as yellow-based shades of beige can frequently be more difficult to coordinate.


  1. Go monotone

Essentially, wearing the same colour from head to toe is called monotone. It can be the same shade as the base or different shades of the same shade.

Think white on white, denim on denim, and similar combinations. Try it out, though, rather than dismissing this as uninteresting! 

That was our list for you!